Tuesday, September 23, 2008

WDD Strategy Project

Bonnie and Dave want a Vision statement that reflects the passions and perspectives of all WDD Strategy Planning Team members, so request each Team member provide in the "Post a Comment" field a vision statement that captures what WDD success (i.e. victory) looks like. Please consider success from the following perspectives: 1) customers (job seekers, businesses, individuals who cannot work and seek assistance to live independently), 2) staff, 3) partners, 4) stakeholders, and 5) the larger community. (See the September 15 email from Cristine Leavitt for additional guideance on writing an effective vision statement.) At the October 16th planning meeting, Bonnie and Dave will present a vision statement that captures the input of all the Team vision statements for discussion.


cleavitt said...

My vision of WDD success is:
- Highly satisfied customers who tell others about WDD staff and services;
- Motivated and empowered staff who are committed to our mission;
- Strong relationships with partners and stakeholders;
- Lean processes that allow us to best leverage internal resources;
- Organizational structure that best supports our vision;
- A learning organization culture that fosters trust, commitment,cooperation, and creativity; and
- Clear direction on where we are going and how we will measure our progress and demonstrate accountability.

cleavitt said...

Posted on Stephen Larson's behalf- Vision: a relevant and responsive workforce development system that provides business qualified workers and job seekers and incumbent workers the resources necessary to obtain, retain and advance in employment.
Posted by slarson at 5:22 AM

Connie Giles said...

I agree with Cristine and Steve's comments. I wanted to come up with something short.

WDD: Where solutions to business and job seeker needs are found.

cleavitt said...

Posted on Kim Peck's behalf:

The WDD, via public-private partnerships, assists individuals to succeed, businesses to thrive, and communities to prosper.

cleavitt said...

Posted on Chuk Hamilton's and Pam Brown's behalf:

"The WDD, via public-private partnerships, assists individuals to succeed in employment and independent living, businesses to thrive, and communities to prosper."

slandgra said...

This is a little different than what the others are saying but my first thought was how I would like to envision how Minnesotans overall see us - putting them first: Minnesotans will see the services of the WDD as resourceful and essential (what is a cool way to say top notch) in order for them to thrive and prosper (or add what the others said below).

connie ireland said...

WDD vision aligns with DEED and Minnesota's vision for a vital and thriving economy. WDD vision; an integrated public/private workforce system that provides the resources (human and financial) to meet the needs of business and industry through a highly skilled and educated workforce so they can thrive and compete in a global economy.

WDD is seen as a leader and partner in workforce development in Minnesota and the nation.

WDD staff operates as an effective, efficient, and lean team that delivers world-class services to all individuals seeking career opportunities.

WDD's team is respectful and supportative to one another. The team's success depends on their ability to be creative and innovative and adapt new technologies.

WDD adds value to regional economies through our services to communities, businesses and residents.

WDD celebrates success through partnerships, collaboration and leadership in thriving, vital regional economies that attract, retain and support new talent, knowledge and entreprenuers.

Bonnie said...

The Workforce Development Division is innovative, inclusive, lean, and responsive to Minnesota's businesses, job seekers, and communities which makes Minnesota a tough global competitor.

Joan B. Danielson said...

WDD vision is to accomplish outcomes of increased employment, new and expanding businesses, entrepreneurial success along with an educated workforce able to respond to our global economy and competition.

cleavitt said...

Posted on Jim Wrobleski's behalf:
My Vision Statement for the Division is:

A unified team who

- are concerned for the prosperity of Minnesota's businesses, as those businesses depend on our work to properly use their taxes in the pursuit of a coordinated approach to workforce development,

- demonstrate the willingness to add to the prosperity of that business' region by partnering with other DEED divisions and other State and Federal programs in delivering measurable positive results,

- show respect for the private, individual division customer by giving them the very best career advice and guidance that can be had anywhere,

- know that the work of the division they are engaged in is not about them but is about our team's business and individual customers.

cleavitt said...

Posted on Erik Aamoth's behalf:
"Minnesota's businesses and workers lead the world in innovation, information, and productivity as a result of excellent customer service and public and private partnerships forged by the Workforce Development Division.

Anonymous said...

Providing solutions to individuals, businesses and communities that support regional economic competitiveness.

cleavitt said...